COVID-19 in India, tekst door Herman Kuppers, #7

Ruchika werkt, ook in lockdowncontext

In Bhubaneswar, zoals in de andere projecten, probeert men zoveel als mogelijk is binnen de lockdown, steun te verlenen aan de mensen in de slums. In een vorige email schreven we over onze communicatie met Benudhar in Ruchika, over adviezen en mogelijkheden. Vandaag zijn antwoord, en een schets van wat Ruchika doet in moeilijke omstandigheden.

“… we are working very hard during this lockdown period for the children living in the slums and on the streets as follows:

1. Both the SMART centres are running through E-Counseling and E-Learning process. Our model has been taken up by Tech Mahindra Foundation for all its centres.
2. Identifying most needy children and people in the slums who are debarred of government PDS scheme and other benefits and we distribute ration packets to the most needy people in the slums.
3. Making cotton masks and distributing to the children and their families who live on the street.
4. Teaching hand washing to the children and their families.
5. Teaching social distancing to the children and their families.
6. All these works are done by our Balika Mandol girls and teachers who live in the communities.
I discussed with Dwivedy and Saroj about the functioning of Inclusive Education project. As Dwivedy has written to you, they are in regular contact with the children with special needs. They continue physiotherapy through the Health Workers and have distributed some masks.

We have planned to provide masks to all the family members of our children. They will be specially trained to fight Corona virus.

We developed a Project Proposal for L & TT CSR to provide nutrition and hygiene kit to the families of special need children. I have shared it with Dwivedy and Sahu. After getting their feedback we will finalise the same and submit it to L & TT. Attached please find a copy of the same. I will be happy if you give some quick feedback.

All our staff are in good health with the grace of God. Hope you all are also in good health. But speed rise of numbers of corona positive in Belgium sometimes make us worried even if you continue to get in touch with us.

With regards,
Benudhar "

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